Abolfazl Mehdipour

Abolfazl Mehdipour

ابوالفضل مهدی پور

Nationality : Iranian
Age: 18
Status: Shot to death
Be My Voice:
Abolfazl Mehdipour was killed on September 21, 2022 in Ghaemshahr as a result of being shot by government agents. He was eighteen years old, born on August 18, 2004. He was from the village of Roshan Abad in Babol. He was a stone worker, and he was working on stones in the last days of his life at the bank He worked since he was 15 years old and was supporting his mother who raised him alone. He had a hard life.

On 29 Shahrivar, he was preparing for the call on 30 Shahrivar, when his mother told him: "Don't go to the protests, you will be arrested, they will rape you, they will kill you" and he replied: "It doesn't matter, I just have to go, they are killing the wishes of young people of this country...".
On September 21, 2022 the repressive agents brutally shot him from behind with war bullets.

They took 50 million tomans from his family to deliver his body, and they said that if they don't announce it somewhere, the person killed in the protests will be considered a martyr and they can take ransom, but his family refused. His body was buried in a cemetery at the bottom of Roshan Abad village.

He wrote in his notebook: "Peace be upon you, O life, when your days are not disgraced, and peace be upon you, O martyrdom, when it is."
You come and bring the glory of the burning stars and the red forehead of the dawn, the beautiful dawn of freedom.
ابوالفضل مهدی پور در تاریخ ۳۰ شهریور ۱۴۰۱ در قائمشهردر اثر اصابت گلوله مامورین حکومتی کشته شد. او هجده ساله بود، زاده ۲۸ مرداد ۱۳۸۳. اهل روستای روشن آباد در بابل بود. کارگر سنگ کاری بود، و روزای آخر زندگی اش در بانک قرص الحسنه سنگ کاری میکرد. از ۱۵ سالگی کار میکرد و تکیه گاه مادرش بود که او را به تنهایی بزرگ کرده بود. زندگی سختی داشت.
در ۲۹ شهریور در حال آماده شدن برای فراخوان ۳۰ شهریور بود که مادرش به او گفت: "نرو توی اعتراضات، بازداشت میشی، بهت تجاوز میکنن، میکشنت" و او در جواب گفته بود:" هیچی مهم نیست فقط باید برم، اینا آرزوها رو در ما جوونا کشتن…."
مامورای سرکوبگر بیرحمانه با گلوله های جنگی به او از پشت شلیک کردند.

از خانواد ه اش ۵۰ میلیون تومن گرفتند تا جنازه اش را تحویل بدن، و گفتند اگه جایی اعلام نکنیند که در اعتراضات کشته شده شهید حساب میشه و دیه میتونین بگیرین ولی خانواده اش قبول نکردند. پیکر او در آرامستانی در پایین روستای روشن آباد به خاک سپرده شد…

توی دفترش نوشته بود:«سلام بر تو ای زندگی هنگامی که روزهایت ننگ نیست و سلام بر تو ای شهادت وقتی که
می آیی و شکوه ستاره های فروزان را می آوری و پیشانی سرخ طلوع، طلوع زیبای آزادی».

Witness.Report Status Chaneges:

Date: 2023-11-22
City: Babol
Country: Iran
Health Status: Deceased
Status: Shot to death
Comment: He was from Babol and killed by security forces in Ghaemshahr rally in September 21, 2022.

Date: 2023-11-22
City: Babol
Country: Iran
Health Status: Unknown
Status: Unknown
Comment:He was from Babol and killed by security forces in Ghaemshahr rally in September 21, 2022.

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