Ahmad Nani Zadeh

Ahmad Nani Zadeh

احمد نبی زاده

Nationality : Iranian
Age: 0
Status: Arrested
Be My Voice:
He was arrested on 24th April 2024 while he was sculpting Zhina Mensa Aminis statue by Marvdashts Intelligence Services.
آقای نبی زاده در تاریخ پنجم اردیبهشت ماه، هنگام ساختن تندیس مهسا امینی، توسط نیروهای اداره اطلاعات در مرودشت بازداشت و به مکان نامعلومی منتقل شد.

Witness.Report Status Chaneges:

Date: 2024-05-11
City: Mashhad
Country: Iran
Health Status: Unknown
Status: Arrested
Comment: A sculptor living in Mashhad, despite the passage of more than two weeks since his arrest, he is still in custody and in an unknown status.

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